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Row after row of Hazelnuts...


     The Demmin/Muhly farm was started in 1884, here in Cornelius, OR.  Originally, the farm grew Alfalfa, Oats, Wheat and Clover, as well as, being a dairy, and eventually  evolved  into primarily growing Hazelnuts and has stayed with that crop for the last 40 or so years.   Beth is 4th generation here on the farm, while her boyfriend Jon is learning (and loving) the family farm and all it has to offer.  Although they both work full-time jobs, their hearts are on the farm.  Jon takes care of the land prep portion of the garlic and is learning the Hazelnut business from Beth's dad . Beth's parents Jim and Darlene, offer advice and oversee the farm, while Beth, Jon and Maya (Beth's daughter) work on projects and new idea's. .  We are constantly looking for ways to improve and preserve what was started over 100 years ago..  Currently the farm is producing Hazelnuts, walnuts, an abundance of  fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs, and  7 varieties Gourmet garlic is coming in Summer 2018...stay tuned.​